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If the Democrats Called People to Take the Streets

If the Democrats Called People to Take the Streets

By Dennis Loo (7/3/17)

Back in 1973 in Chile in the weeks before the fascist Pinochet coup (backed by the US government), everyone could see the coup coming. President Salvador Allende's followers begged and pleaded with him to arm the people to defend against a coup everyone saw was coming. But Allende kept saying that the Chilean military was patriotic and would not participate in the coup and refused to arm the people. Thousands died in the first few days of the coup, including Dr. Salvador Allende. Fascist Pinochet Chile was the place that neoliberal policies - the Chicago Boys led by Milton Friedman - was first implemented. It was a harbinger of what was to come with Thatcher and Reagan, followed by the rest.

So now our POTUS didn't take power through a coup but through an election, the groundwork laid for him by Obama himself. Obama never meant what he said about "hope" and "change," after all, the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi had the majority since the 2006 elections, and then the White House in 2008. A majority or near majority wanted Bush and Cheney impeached, but before even the 2006 midterms, Pelosi ruled impeachment "off the table." Obama had a mandate but instead of doing what so many hoped he would do, he "reached across the aisle" to the discredited and fascist GOP and tried to work with them. He bailed out Wall Street instead of helping mortgagees, standing between those damn bankers and the people. What did he say to the bankers who were ready to cave?

"My administration," the president [Obama] added, "is the only thing between you and the pitchforks." 

By bailing out Wall Street, refusing to offer a government option or single-payer healthcare plan, by refusing to release any more Abu Ghraib torture photos (that would have discredited the Bush/Cheney regime for generations), and by working with, instead of against, the fascist GOP, he gave wind to the sails of the new Tea Party, and laid the basis for Trump's later victory. 

Hillary for her part rather lose to Donald Trump than have a winner with Bernie Sanders, who would have whipped Trump.

And now we hang in the balance and why doesn't the DNC or some prominent Democrat call people to the streets? Tens of millions would answer that call and the racists, misogynists, and bigots would be overwhelmed. But they don't and they won't. Because they would then upset the game they join with the GOP in and upset the apple cart

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