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How an Innocent Person Acts

How an Innocent Person Acts

By Dennis Loo (6/15/17)

Trump would want to get to the bottom of Russia and his administration's investigation, if he weren't so heavily personally involved. He would be upset, not solicitous, at a good and loyal friend like Mike Flynn misleading him and VP Pence. He wouldn't have been trying to get Flynn off and telling Comey, NIA Director Coats, and NSA head Rogers to lay off. He would have cut off his ties with Flynn, not trying to rescue him. This would be a case of putting the country's interests above his own sense of loyalty, hard as it is for someone like Trump to do, but what you expect from a POTUS.

Instead of wanting to get to the bottom of it and protecting the US from Putin, and how extensively Russia has actually penetrated, the degree of which no one knows except Putin, Trump calls it a "witch hunt" and fires those who dare to look into it. The very fact that he poo poos the very idea and wants it called off completely tells you what you what you should know. If Trump weren't so fake tanned orange, his embarrassment would show more clearly. Alan Dershowitz thinks POTUS has a perfect right to fire these people. I suppose he will be defending it too when Trump fires Mueller. But then, if he does that, then all hell will break loose for Trump. Little suspect, his little mind, that foresees no consequences, and is usually surprised at the blowback.

Do you think all those who voted for you are that stupid? Some of them - 40% - didn't like Hillary more than you. Maybe the rule of law isn't uppermost in their minds, but obstruction of justice and especially when the inevitable tales of business involvement start to roll out, there won't be anywhere the clown and his fellow clowns can hide.

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