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Hands Up, Don't Shoot! Blacks, Police, and the New Old Order

Hands Up, Don't Shoot! Blacks, Police and New Old Order

By Dennis Loo (8/14/14)

Hardly a week goes by in the US where we learn of yet another police killing  of an unarmed, non-threatening, complying black, brown and/or homeless person. Sometimes it's a chokehold (as in Eric Garner less than a month ago in NY), more often it's from being shot down, multiple times. In virtually every instance, the cops responsible for these official murders concoct tall tales to justify their killing unarmed civilians who pose no danger to anyone and who were acting entirely legally when stopped and killed.

In LA on Monday, August 10, police shot and killed Ezel Ford, a 24-year old black man with mental illness well-known to the police. In accounting for their assassination of Ford, in which they shot him in the back three times while he was lying face down at 65th and Broadway, a police spokesman stated that Ford "spun and tucked his head toward the officer's gun and basically tackled him to the ground, trying to grab at the weapon."

Bullshit. Anyone who has had encounters with the police, even mentally ill individuals, knows that trying to take a gun from a cop is a) useless and b) a death wish. People who are being ordered around by cops don't suddenly turn into MMA fighters. If there hadn't been a video of their beating of Rodney King, the cops would have said that King brought it on his own head. Oh wait. They still said that he brought this on himself, claiming that he was "high on PCP" and kept attacking the officers.

As the world knows, Michael Brown was minding his own business, WWB (walking while black) when St. Louis police ordered him to stop. Brown raised his hands and said "don't shoot." Imagine a middle-class white person being stopped by the police for walking and minding their own business. Imagine that middle-class white person saying "Don't shoot!" It's impossible to realistically imagine this outside of a Chappelle skit because midde or upper-middle class white people would not be worried that they would get gunned down. But black and brown people know that this is a real danger, which is why Brown raised his hands and thought to ask that he not be shot.

Never mind the fact that Brown was doing nothing to justify his being stopped. Never mind that he had his hands in the air and asked not to be gunned down, to official henchmen of the New Old Order, shooting those who are no threat is de riguer. It's the New Old Order's policies. If the new standard is that "everyone's a suspect" to be treated as criminal, especially if you are a person of color or a thoroughly disenfranchised homeless/mentally ill person, and if those who kill from the President on down to the cop in the street, the judge in the courtroom, or an out-of-control individual inspired by those in authority's attitude, feel no compunctions about legitimized violence against innocents, then whole sections of the people are walking around with targets on their heads. This isn't the post-racial era. This is the "look out you're fair game" era.

So the St. Louis police bring out their lying spokespeople claiming that Brown attacked the officer and slapped him. Can't you just hear the echoes of George Zimmerman's paltry excuses for his execution of Trayvon Martin in these police stories? 

See for more on the larger context of this, here: and here:


-2 # Dolly Veale 2014-08-14 23:16
This is a very timely and insightful commentary. And the fact that people in Ferguson continue to resist/protest is very important to a mood of defiance to this outrageous and as Dr. Loo points out, a daily horror of the system. I want to urge readers to go to the websites and for resources on how to reflect and respond to support those in Ferguson who are standing up for all of us in refusing to accept this intolerable situation.
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0 # Brian 2014-12-30 02:27
Please, MichEl Brown was just walking while black? He has just committed a robbery, and attacked the officer inside his patrol car. However these inconvenient facts don't fit in with your inflammatory world view, so I doubt you will edit this piece to include actual facts...
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0 # Dennis 2014-12-30 16:26
Darren Wilson didn't know when he stopped Michael Brown that Michael had stolen the cigarellos. His police chief admitted this. Michael did NOT attack Wilson in his car. Anyone inc. yourself, but most esp. young black males, KNOW that to assault a cop = being shot dead, either by that cop or his buddy. Mike had no cause to end his life at 18 yo. See my further discussion of this, also for ex., here: Cont.
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-2 # DanCan 2014-08-15 18:20
It is amazing to think that just as with Rodney King, that since violence on the part of law enforcement , brutality is essentially a two sided story. There is always an "investigation" into what was done on apart of the department, rather then ever admitting guilt, they will continue to stand by their words utilizing their authority and law to constructively get away with multiple murders. Complete bullshit I say, Brown was minding his own business, the most shocking portion to me is that he feared his life, having to utter the words, "Don't Shoot." I believe he already knew what kind of people he had encountered. It was tough even watching the interview of an eyewitness that saw the pain in his eyes. This is where the line is drawn, police authority must be held accountable, not just the innocent civilians locked up and gunned down. It's evident to the world, we have a fucking problem, and it's rooted within the crooked criminal justice system. This issue needs to stop.....PERIOD !!!!
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-2 # Dolly 2014-08-18 02:03
I agree with all that DanCan said especially his very last sentence. I'd like to see more people join this thread here...
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0 # facts do matter 2015-01-01 02:45
Brown was NOT shot in the back , the lie he was shot in the back was started by his buddy in crime, whose story changed multiple times, Brown was told to get out of the middle of the street he mouthed off, the officer saw the stuff he stole in his hand pulled over to stop him and brown attacked him leaned into the car and hit the officer. most of what the protesters were saying was proved
WRONG by the grand jury and physical evidence. Watch Chris Rock how not to get your ass beat by the police.
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0 # Dennis 2015-01-01 04:22
Yes, Brown wasn't shot in the back, but no one here is claiming that. He was shot while facing Wilson. He had his hands up. Since when does walking in the middle of a quiet street become a cause for murder or suicide, the latter if you buy your and Wilson's story? Grand juries are putty in prosecutors' hands, famously so. They will indict if the DA wants it. This prosecutor didn't want it and arranged the presentation of evidence accordingly. Their non-indictment "proves" nothing about the actual events other than proves that racism is alive and well in the USA.
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