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Giuliani Spills the Dirt


Giuliani Spills the Dirt

By Dennis Loo (7/30/18)

Let me first bring you up-to-date in case you haven’t yet heard. Trump’s spokesman, Rudy Giuliani, is now publicly saying two things that are explosive. First, he is narrowly defining Russian collusion as a crime only if Trump paid the Russians to meddle in our presidential race. The cooperation between the Russian and the Trump campaign and Trump’s knowledge that such cooperation does not constitute collusion, the way that anyone else but Giuliani defines collusion. This advanced warning can only mean one thing: that Michael Cohen and/or Robert Mueller’s team will soon bring forth the irrefutable evidence that such collusion exists.

Second, Giuliani says Trump was involved with hush payments (e.g., his affair with Playboy centerfold Karen McDougal) only if Trump was in the room when such payments were made. Contemporaneous knowledge of such payments, shown by the Michael Cohen tape between Cohen and Trump, and contradicted by numerous Trump statements that he knew nothing about hush money payments, is now not good enough to constitute a conspiracy by Trump.

Only a die-hard Trumpist can buy these absurdities. Giuliani is now calling Michael Cohen a “liar” and a “scoundrel,” but the liar and scoundrel is Trump himself. Giuliani is trying to get ahead of the story, but in the process is just making it worse.

Trump maybe regrets treating his “fixer” so poorly in the past. Maybe. 

Cohen has reported that he was in the room when Donald Jr. informed Donald Sr. of the upcoming meeting at Trump Tower in NY with the Russian attorney promising dirt on Hillary, and Trump gave his blessing to go ahead. This contradicts Trump Jr. and Sr.’s comments in the past that Trump Sr. didn’t know about the meeting.



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