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Will Trump Never Go?

Will Trump Never Go? Will This Nightmare Ever End?

By Dennis Loo (7/19/17)

Although he has the lowest rating of any POTUS in seventy years (and the lowest rated POTUS ever in the first six months of office), Trump annoyingly still hangs onto the support of most of his loyal base, seemingly unable to do anything that will jar many of them loose. Even if Donald was to publicly rape and whip Melania, a lot of his supporters would probably cheer. It apparently does not matter to them that the GOP health bill, if it ever passes, will knock 22-23 million people off the rolls, most of them Trump fans, according to the non-partisan CBO. Many of them pay scant attention to the news, a fact which many of them are proud of. And they mostly show little ability to reason anyway, they being attracted most of all to a strong man who says he will fix it all. 

Let me give you a thought, that I plan further elaborating upon later. It is this: even though if he has not an ounce of care for anybody but himself, and his most loyal fans clearly don't know how to think - nearly all their reasons why they see him as they do, seem idiosyncratic and irrelevant rationales, dismal reading fare, with the one thread that they mostly have in common is conforming to authority and that Trump says out loud what they are thinking, but have too much sense themselves normally to say. He is emotionally one of theirs. 

The fact that he has not and will not go out of the White House of his own accord and the sheer pettiness and grossness he displays daily, often several times per day, also means that those who stand with him from now on, if they are aware at all, will be thoroughly discredited for a very long time, generations, to come. Donald Jr., for example, or Jared, for that matter, the latter smoother, sharper, and more Machiavellian by far than the former, still, the entire Trump cabal and Trump himself, will dig themselves a hole so deep, they won't hardly be able to see the sky. Donald Sr. takes to the extreme the worst in this country.

Trump gets shriller and shriller condemning "fake news" but this is going to come back and bite him because investigative journalism, even though they are now in part taking a beating from Trump, are going to have the last say. Reality will have the final and lasting verdict. Those who stay loyal to a man who cares not a bit about truth or facts, but only naked self-interest, will live to regret what they have done. Not right away, and in the meantime he and they are doing a lot of harm, to people, all living things, and the planet, but sooner or later, he will stand and anyone else who picks his side, will be revealed before the world for condemnation. 

You will note that uncovering the extent of collusion and corruption has only gone so far to date. Much more will and must be revealed. Not because he's hasn't already lost legitimacy. That long ago happened. But because he has no shame and no conscience and will only go if he is forced to. 

The extent to which Putin has cyber-attacked this country is probably extensive. That will take years to undo and its full magnitude may not be ever known. 

Which also raises the question of what to do about such people as Trump and his base? Bigotry of various forms, especially anti-black sentiment, runs strongly through their ranks. Bigotry is not negotiable. Those who cling to it must be taught to abandon it or if they still insist, then they will be forced into not practically implementing it. You cannot win everyone over to a certain view, but we either practice in concrete ways discrimination or we pass laws and enforce those laws against it. Not against thoughts, because people are free to think as they choose. But actions are a different matter. You cannot have both side-by-side - bigotry or non-discrimination - one or the other has to take the lead. To the degree that white skin privileges, the slave trade, the new Jim Crow, and black and brown murders by cops are part of America, then we have to repudiate that thoroughly and root it out. 

Although part of the problem is Trump and Pence's fascism, the preceding paragraph would still apply if Hillary had been elected. Trump's temporary reign at least has the silver lining of making the differentiation between those who care nothing for objective reality and are bigots and those who care about truth and tolerance. 

We are going to have more refugees, not fewer, if only because of rising waters due to that "hoax" of global warming. Global warming is the First World's fault and we must recognize that and act accordingly. Borders cannot be restricted or closed to these victims of global warming and related strife but opened to them. 

In the preceding link is Thomas Edsall's New York Times June 22, 2017 article entitled "The End of the Left and the Right as We Knew Them." It is necessary reading for all and I won't attempt to replace that. What Edsall ends with is this: "If the building of a viable left coalition is possible, it is likely to require some thoughtful and humane co-optation in the form of deference to our limits and boundaries." Before that point he advocates stressing our sameness as fellow citizens rather than focussing on how we are different. He points to Obama has a good example of this. Obama was fond of saying, for example, that "We aren't black America and white America, we aren't Red states or Blue states, we are the United States of America." Edsall cites approvingly Peter Beinart:

Peter Beinart, writing in The Atlantic, addresses the way this plays out. He argues that party leaders have to draw the line on issues dear to the heart of the left:

"Liberals must take seriously Americans’ yearning for social cohesion. To promote both mass immigration and greater economic redistribution, they must convince more native-born white Americans that immigrants will not weaken the bonds of national identity."

In practical terms, Beinart writes,

“it means celebrating America’s diversity less, and its unity more.”

The hard part

"is backing tough immigration enforcement so that path to citizenship doesn’t become a magnet that entices more immigrants to enter the U.S. illegally."

Beinart cites Karen Stenner’s 2005 book, “The Authoritarian Dynamic,” in which she wrote:

Exposure to difference, talking about difference, and applauding difference — the hallmarks of liberal democracy — are the surest ways to aggravate those who are innately intolerant, and to guarantee the increased expression of their predispositions in manifestly intolerant attitudes and behaviors. Paradoxically, then, it would seem that we can best limit intolerance of difference by parading, talking about, and applauding our sameness.

"Americans," Beinart contends, "know that liberals celebrate diversity. They’re less sure that liberals celebrate unity. And Obama’s ability to effectively do the latter probably contributed to the fact that he — a black man with a Muslim-sounding name — twice won a higher percentage of the white vote than did about Hillary Clinton."

To be continued.

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