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First, Trump then Pence: "Kicking and Screaming" Parts 1-3

First, Trump, then Pence: “Kicking and Screaming” Parts 1-3

By Dennis Loo (2/26/18)

I have a friend who wears a “All Refugees Are Welcome” button, that is something of a clue about where he stands with respect to Trump.

I kid him sometimes when I see him.

I say, in a sort of shorthand, “kicking and screaming.” What I mean is that they are going to have to take Trump kicking and screaming from the White House because he won’t understand that he is in so much trouble that he has to leave office.

The June 9, 2016 NY meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Vladimirovna Veselnitskaya and her Russian “friends” that Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort took in Trump Tower during the campaign is by itself enough. The admitted fact by Donald Jr. that he “loved it” that the Russians were offering Trump’s campaign help against Hillary, whether the meeting even took place and what was discussed is irrelevant to that fact.

Donald Jr. changed his account of the meeting three times, during which Donald Sr. at a minimum personally got involved. Taking that meeting is enough to bring up charges for consorting with the enemy against your domestic rival and enough to indict Donald Sr. for obstruction of justice. Trump campaign aide George Papadapoulus has already pled guilty for making false statements to the FBI in October 2017 regarding trying to sell “dirt” on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign. Papadopoulus joins Michael Flynn prepared to sing.

If that meeting alone isn’t enough for you, there is Trump Sr. openly asking the Russians to interfere with Hillary from his campaign lectern on July 26, 2017.

If those two are neither enough, there is golf analyst and co-author (with Arnold Palmer) of Palmer’s biography James Dodson recollecting both Eric Trump. and Donald Sr., both separately and independently on the same day expressly mentioning to Dodson that they had access to “$100 million” of Russian money to spend on Trump golf courses.

If the preceding is not enough, then think about this: Trump is, by his own reckoning, a billionaire. In today’s world, do you find many billionaires scrupulously avoiding any contact with Russian oligarch money?

In short, Trump is lying about Russia and he isn’t going to escape it. He will be forced to resign, probably this year; impeachment will take too long and with Trump in charge the Empire cannot withstand that much damage for that long.

There are too many powerful people and too much at stake for them – the sole imperialist empire - to let it all go down the drain this way.

If nothing else intervenes first, Robert Mueller has been very careful to close in on Trump methodically. Note that despite the probably very strong temptations to do so, none of the Mueller team have leaked anything to the press. The reason for this is simple: there will be nothing bigger than bringing down the president and any leaks beforehand can only spoil that.

Pence will go Trump’s way soon too because he was in charge of the transition team. The Trump gang is nothing if not venal and self-enriching and Pence does not get off pleading ignorance to this, including their Russian connection.

Trump never expected to win. He was supposed to make a good showing so he could go back to being a reality TV star, which is what he really is.

He never wanted to actually run the country; it’s too much work. He doesn’t even begin to have the tools or temperament to do it. Britain and Israel refusing to share sensitive intelligence with the U.S. is only a small but important part of this. The man has single-handedly ruined alliances with allies and cozied up with authoritarian figures like Putin. He has abandoned the US’s role as leader of the capitalist camp and left it to others (such as Angela Merkle and Emmanuel Macron) to pick up the pieces.

To be continued

Part 2 of "Kicking and Screaming"

Part 3 of "Kicking and Screaming"

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