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Fighting for the Truth: Does It Matter?

Fighting for the Truth: What Does It Matter?

By Dennis Loo (9/16/18)

Truth, for some, it is true, does not matter, because they make their money off of and/or they are more comfortable when the truth is being obscured.

Some look at this and conclude that this is the way the world works: money makes the world go ‘round, they say. One can always find people to fulfill that expectation, but does money make the world go ‘round; it surely characterizes some people but is it the essential nub of human existence, without which we would not be human?

It is true that those who govern us believe it, in that they seem to revel in their belief, since it proves then that they at least must be successes. But does it even characterize their lives mainly? Do material things and having more of them make you satisfied? When presented with a choice between the love and life of your child or your spouse and all your material things, which comes first? Which comes first: respect by your peers or the size of your bank accounts? If you choose the latter over the former, you have some company in that, but would most people agree with that? Don’t most people say and act as if their families’ life and love come first? Even the infamously self-centered Trump might end up choosing his family over the country. Certainly, Manafort did.

This is what humanity’s mission has been from the very beginning: to determine what is objectively true and eventually discard that which is not.

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