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Evidence and Its Degradation III

Evidence and Its Degradation III

By Dennis Loo (7/18/19)

This is Part 3 of a Series, part 1 is here and part 2 here.

Contrary to the views of diverse utopians (such as B.F. Skinner) or their more cynical brethren in the dystopian community (such as almost any futurist or sci-fi writer), where people either must be more than they generally are – more caring, more thoughtful, less self-centered – to ensure and to be necessary for a utopia to exist, or are less than we see usually and historically – more obedient, more docile, more tolerant than they should be of that should be resisted (e.g., any of The Hunger Games series) - we need not be other than we already are to assure a reasonably good society. The pursuit of a perfect (or perfectly awful) world will likely continue nevertheless.

The problem, contrary to Shakespeare’s famous dictum “the problem, dear Brutus, is not in our stars” (meaning we are born this way, we are made this way, and our destiny is already written, and we cannot change that), is how society is arranged and what is set up as the model to emulate. This is not to say that everything will be settled and there will be no injustices and selfishness will be banned or entirely go away: those will continue to be problems, criminal acts by greed and predatory behavior will still exist and sociopaths will still be among us - we cannot rid ourselves entirely of that!

Even in an entirely good society, there will still be problems, and they will persist for the foreseeable future. It would make a huge difference, however, if that which we seek to emulate – for there will always be those among us those who are more advanced – is changed from that “this all belongs to me,” to sharing and largesse, instead of celebrating self-centered behavior! Emulation and what we aspire to will not go away – as a phenomenon and fact-of-life.

This is so often overlooked. Yet it should be obvious. It should be taken-for-granted as the baseline!

To Be Continued

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