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"Common Ground?" Trump's POTUS

"Common Ground?" Trump's POTUS

By Dennis Loo (11/10/16)

I watched much of NBC's coverage last night regarding how Trump needs to act not as candidate but as president and how he needs to bring the country together. Obama said we are not Democrats and Republicans but Americans.

For those who are hoping to put lipstick on a pig, I have a question: how do you seek to find common ground with someone who's convinced and whose whole career to date is based on seeing others of a different race, religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, and values as not just different but wrong, a threat, and inferior?

That was central to his campaign. It's central to who Donald Trump is. 

The honeymoon won't last long. He promised to "restore law 'n order," etc.  

Wide segments of those who voted for Trump are dismayed by what neoliberal policies have taken a wrecking ball to their lives. And Hillary was the embodiment of what they see rightly as responsible for that. 

Naomi Klein is absolutely right about that

But what Naomi Klein is advocating as a solution to this is mostly wrong. She cites Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as part of the solution. Does she forget so easily what a betrayal at the DNC both Sanders and Warren were when they enthusiastically endorsed Hillary? If Hillary is part of the establishment, then how can you attack her but then endorse the "democratic socialists" who said Clinton was the lesser evil?

Read this article that I wrote in July predicting Trump's win again. It's worth reiterating the points made there now. 

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