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Bradley Manning's Verdict is In: The US Government is Guilty of War Crimes

Bradley Manning's Verdict is In: The US Government is Guilty of War Crimes

By Dennis Loo (7/30/13)

The good news is that he was found not guilty of the most serious (and most trumped up) charge of "aiding the enemy." The bad news is that he was found guilty of 17 of the 20 charges he faced and guilty in amended form of 4 other counts. He faces a potential of more than a life-time in prison. And most importantly, the real criminal, the U.S. government, has still not been charged for its crimes.

From the Guardian:

Manning was also found guilty of "wrongfully and wantonly" causing to be published on the internet intelligence belonging to the US, "having knowledge that intelligence published on the internet is accesible to the enemy". That guilty ruling could still have widest ramifications for news organisations working on investigations relating to US national security.

The matter now enters the sentencing phase with arguments to be made by both sides. The need for the public to weigh in on this in the realm of public opinion is going to be decisive. It is the public who is the enemy that the U.S. government is worried that Manning shared information with. It is in the court of public opinion in which the U.S. government must be found guilty. Whose verdict will determine history? The U.S. government's verdict against Bradley Manning for revealing the truth to the world? Or Bradley Manning's verdict against the U.S. government for its commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity? Which verdict will be the people's verdict? Will it be to side with and exonerate those in authority who have committed and continue to commit unspeakable crimes, and who minute by minute spy on us all and lie to us constantly? Or will the people's verdict be to hold high heroes of the people like Bradley Manning and condemn and pronounce guilty those who seek to censor the truth and persecute truth-tellers?

War criminals prosecute and persecute a soldier so upset about seeing these war crimes being committed in his name and our names that he uncovered these crimes. Meanwhile, the real criminals, the torturers and the assassins using drones, are in charge and treated as the law abiders when they are the biggest criminals of all!

See the Steering Committee of World Can't Wait's Statement on the Bradley Manning verdict here.

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