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Be Careful What You Wish For: Is Clinton Your Only Choice?

Be Careful What You Wish For: Is Clinton Your Only Choice?

By Dennis Loo (8/1/16)

Donald Trump just keeps getting wilder and more bizarre. Here's someone who simply can't keep his defective opinions to himself and is unable to resist showing the whole world how "great" he is, revealing in the process how completely uninformed and lacking in some of the most basic, let alone presidential, sense he has. We are witnesses to the spectacle of an out-of-control narcissist who can barely and only sometimes manages to complete a thought and sentence, usually interrupting himself with interjections after interjections. Talk about a short-attention span!

A few days ago, it looked like Clinton in suppressing liberals, in or drawn to the Democrats, or at least in the case of their putative leaders Sanders and Warren, giving Trump a free pass to be the outsider.

Clinton's committed to children? Just as long as they aren't children born in other nations, like the half a million Iraqi children to die under the Clinton sanctions, a price Madeleine Albright has publicly and explicitly called "worth it." 

As for Trump, they're going to have to invent a new term for foot in mouth. Perhaps "little hands" in his mouth? 

Clinton is now posing as a "liberal-lite" - and it's only a pose - that after all these decades and the primaries declaring herself a centrist Democrat, which today means what used to be called right-wing before centrists like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama stole the right's causes like the death penalty, more cops on the street, death by drone, mass incarceration, even more deportations than Republicans like Bush, Jr., Obamacare (a Heritage Institute idea) and so the right-wing had to go to the furthest extremes to distinguish themselves - has seen the light, at least until she's elected, then she can fully embrace the TPP et al. 

Be careful what you wish for: a war hawk as POTUS Clinton. If you think you must vote and that it's your only choice. then the PTB have won you over to legitimate all the terrible things that they are doing and intending. "Well, you voted for this," they will say as Trump turns his followers into feeling embarrassed finally voting for him, as he is in the process of doing while we watch, in a combination of slack-jawed horror and guffaws. 

You do have a choice and that is to act outside the boundaries of what the PTB say are legitimate channels. They don't want you to get the idea that political resistance and protest are actually viable and the only things that really affect political opinion. Here's what one of them said:

GOP pollster Frank Luntz said something very revealing in the fall of last year [2011]. This was before the violent evictions of the Occupy encampments. He confessed that the Occupy movement was “frightening” him “to death because it was changing the way Americans think about capitalism.” Note that he didn’t say that he was frightened to death that people would vote Democratic. He said that he was frightened to death about the way this social movement was changing public opinion. The battle for public opinion is where the action is. Elections are a means by which public opinion is shaped to suit the purposes of those who run things. If we want something else, then we have to puncture the elections charade and build an alternative pole of opinion not beholden to one party or another, a movement that bases itself on facts not spin and that tells people the whole unvarnished truth, not convenient fictions. That is the only way to usher in a new, just world and the only way to truly engage people politically and mobilize them as an independent force rather than some artificial version of democracy.

Be careful of the trap the system is setting for you. The reason why Black Lives Matter is being so villified by the likes of Guliani, some police captains, and Democrats, is that BLM is doing something substantial in shifting political opinion. When you do what is safe for the system they appauld you. They tell you that it doesn't matter who you vote for as long as you vote - since it's true, it doesn't matter who you vote for because you can't vote for the system itself to be destroyed. When you do something that is actually a threat to their system they say the worst things about you as they can and being demonized by your enemies means that you are doing good work!

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