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If the police murder of Michael Brown, and now the second assassination of his character in the media, is just too much for you to take…

If the illegitimate police state response to the protests infuriates and alarms you and you don’t want to just accept this as “the way it is”…

If you are inspired that those who have been demonized and despised for years have now stood up and begun to raise their sights, and along with many, many people from all walks of life, have courageously stood their ground…

If you want a world without the endless chain of murders of Black and Brown youth by a system which has no place, no future for them…

If you want to see the cop who killed Michael Brown charged NOW…

Then come to Ferguson this weekend.

Be there to witness!

Be there to protest!

Be there to stand in solidarity with those who have stood up!

We say NO MORE! 
• And as we fight for justice in the case of Michael Brown, get ready for the October Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation.

Issued by (in formation): 
• Carl Dix - Revolutionary Communist Party, co-founder of Stop Mass Incarceration Network 
• Chicago Revolution Club 
• Gregory Koger - revolutionary communist & former prisoner who spent many years in solitary confinement 
• Nicholas Heyward, Sr. - Parents Against Police Brutality, father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr. killed by NYPD in 1994 
• Freddie J McGee - Father of Freddie Latice Wilson, shot 18 times by Chicago police with his hands up in 2007 
• Travis Morales - Stop Mass Incarceration Network-NYC 
• Efia Nwangaza - Malcolm X Center, Greenville, SC 
• Gloria Pinex - mother of Darius Pinex who was murdered by Chicago police in 2011 in a routine traffic stop with his hands up 
• Juanita Young - Parents Against Police Brutality, Mother of Malcolm Ferguson killed by NYPD in 2000

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Statement from Pamela Fields, mother of Dante Jordan killed by Long Beach, CA Police in November 10, 2013; nephew Dante Parker killed by Victorville, CA police August 12, 2014

Ferguson, MO - that needed to happen! For all the communities where police murder is going on. It's Mike Brown, and it's also Dante Jordan, Tyler Woods and so many others. When my son was killed people in Long Beach were sleeping. Ferguson, MO has shown real gall - defiance. This gets the attention of the President, Attorney General, everyone. We've lost any trust in law enforcement. They cover things up. Everybody I know don't trust the police. My son, Dante Jordan, was heading home - 39 year old man - and he was shot 12 times by Long Beach police. We need to raise awareness of his assassination. We need to end the cover up. Last week, August 12, Dante Parker, my nephew, he was riding a bicycle. He has a heart ailment. He got sick. He had to stop. He sat down. He was sweating profusely. Someone called the cops. The police arrived. He was tased! And then they tased him 11 more times - 12 times total! They put him the cop car and the cops went and got their lies together. He died! Ferguson, MO - I'm part of Stolen Lives families, I call us Angel Mom's. We need to go to Ferguson, MO. I'm ready to go to Ferguson, MO. I'm taking the first seat in the first row. Stolen Lives and Stop Mass Incarceration Network needs money and sponsors to send us. Help out - I am ready to go and I want to bring my nephew's mom and nephew's wife with me.

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Dyna Vargas, Burque Media, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ferguson, MO! That should be happening in every city. If it's not happening, it's a dangerous thing for us all. Militarized police occupying our neighborhoods and communities. When Albuquerque police executed James Boyd - a 38 year old homeless man - I thought this was the beginning of the revolution or the end of the world. To allow this is to allow police to terrorize us all. RESISTANCE! It's the greatest thing you can do and doing anything else is a crime against humanity. I want to go to Ferguson, MO. Albuquerque needs to be present - we are plagued by cops brutalizing, terrorizing and murdering people. 28 people in the last four years by APD. Sheriffs and U.S. Marshals are killing people in this area too. In two minutes on TV, they criminalize the movement for justice. But I see beyond these rationalizations for murder - including the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson police. Protesters are fighting against tear gas, smoke canisters, rubber bullets - and this is only one aspect of something larger. The Department of Justice is here in Albuquerque, NM. They're here! What's happened? The violence has escalated. Nothing has changed except people get inactive. "The DOJ is taking care of it." Bullshit! We have to save ourselves and no one can save us but ourselves. I want to go to Ferguson, MO. We need funding and we need sponsorship. We have a month of activities planned for October Month of Resistance in Albuquerque. Downtown APD headquarters on October 22 and other actions. We need to get to Ferguson now, because we want to be united with the people in Ferguson. Make a financial contribution to help us get there. Thank you.

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Statement by Juanita Young, mother of Malcolm Ferguson, killed by NYPD in 2000: Just returned from Ferguson, MO this past Tuesday, August 19

It was definitely an experience, being in Ferguson, MO this past week. People have finally taken a stand! Most of the time the police murder someone, there is protest, but not with enough power, and then the police murder the next person.... This time Ferguson, MO said enough is enough. I stand with them 100%. Maybe my son would still be alive if this was done earlier. The system usually pays no mind and then they murder the next person. Not now. People are saying NO MORE! The system says people are rioting and it has to stop. Who are they talking to? The cops in Ferguson - they are ridiculous! Everywhere we protested in Ferguson this last week, every march we joined, cops agitating against the people and provoking the people and physically bumping us and threatening to arrest us. But people have a right to do what they are doing. Michael Brown - the wrong that they have done - they are covering it up. I'm proud of St. Louis. Then the Governor calls out the National Guard! What's he doing? What does this tell you? When Carl Dix is talking and saying an innocent 18 year old young man has been shot down by cops - Carl is arrested. Why isn't the cop who shot Michael Brown arrested? The cop needs to be indicted, arrested, and even that won't be the end of it because they could rig the jury, so this fight needs to continue. Let's have the Stolen Lives families from around the country in St. Louis and Ferguson ASAP - people should give money and Frequent Flyer miles to sponsor that.

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