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About Us

We came together in late 2011 to create a site that both highlights and discusses Dennis Loo's book Globalization and the Demolition of Society and that carries forward the approach within that book.

We believe that a site devoted to very high-level discussion of and debate over ideas, theories, philosophies, and politics as they impact and appear within all social activity (including arenas as diverse as sports and the arts) from the perspective of promoting systemic change is sorely needed and can find a very appreciative audience, switched on contributors, and an enthusiastic following. We found this kind of discussion in Dennis Loo's Senior Seminar and wanted to make it more widely accessible to others. The outbreak of the Occupy Everywhere movement worldwide has provided a fertile context for this kind of activity.

The site has two purposes.

First, it provides supplementary material to Globalization and the Demolition of Society so that people reading the book can get more deeply into it. (See navigation bar "GDS Book Annotations").

Second, it is an extension upon and implementation of the approach of the book. In order to get at the truth and because the ways in which humanity expresses itself are very rich and diverse, we want to reflect that on our site. We invite you to contribute to this effort! Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We seek to popularize the fact that the problems we face are not principally due to particular individuals, fixable by replacing those individuals with better people or by installing different regulations and laws. We are dealing with a system, and systems and the people within those systems are all governed by system logic. If you want to change systems' outcomes you have to change the system. For that to happen, the level of awareness of the people must be raised so that they can see clearly what they confront and how their role is indispensable to radically changing the existing state of affairs.

We are committed to the notion that anything can be accomplished if peoples' conscious dynamism is tapped and that nothing of lasting significance can be accomplished if the people's role is reduced to that of spectators or dutiful followers (e.g., those who can't think beyond the "Lesser of Two Evils," Dittoheads of the Right or their rough equivalents on the Left).

This site will bring a refreshing, provocative, irreverent, cutting edge perspective to what’s going on with political commentary and analysis, satire, parody, cartoons, art, video, poetry, and music, drawing upon, reflecting, and referring to all of the arenas of social life – economics, science, art, music, sports, politics, education, social dynamics and social relations, and so on.

We have very large ambitions. We don't intend to just be another website. We aim to influence public opinion broadly and to help to bring into being a core group of people who are grounded by a strong theoretical and political foundation - in part through this website, Loo's book and other resources - that will allow them to play a key role in bringing forward revolutionary changes in our society. The Right and liberals have their think tanks. We don't have the funds to create a think tank at this time, but we have the ability now to train through the study of theory and through practice a very small group of individuals who can help to reframe the public discourse and thereby play a signal role in altering the overall political atmosphere. A piercing analysis based upon an alternative theoretical framework that is anchored by a radically different philosophical foundation than the one that is now dominant in our society is sorely needed. While other radical critiques exist, they don't represent a thorough-going challenge to the ruling one and contain significant shortcomings. Even though co-ordinated social insurgency is not nearly large enough here and much more must happen on that front, what is lacking most of all is the kind of theoretical understanding that can guide and inform these movements and sentiments, help to spark much more, and lead the people in charting the difficult twists and turns that lie before us.

Unlike some liberal sites that excoriate Republicans while pleading with the Democrats to do what Democrats refuse to do and won’t do (these liberal sites behaving rather like battered wives who swear that their battering husbands really do love them), we are passionately committed to the pursuit of truth, regardless of who or what it might offend.

We fear nothing and no one because debate and contention that is driven by a desire to find out what is true is the only way to find out what is true. Truth emerges through debate and discussion, not in hothouses protected from the sun's heat and glare. We are not interested in debate and discussion for their own sake - although they can certainly be fun! We are interested in discussion and debate and contention between different ideas because if they are guided by a desire to get to the truth, then there is nothing more productive, compelling, and useful than that.

We know that speaking or upholding the truth is not always the most popular stance to adopt, but we are committed to being relentlessly scientific and going where the evidence takes us.

We also seek to be pitch perfect. We aim for the reaction: "That's exactly right! That expresses it perfectly."

Unlike sites content with repeating what everyone amongst their ranks already believes, we invite and will encourage debate at the highest level possible, hosting interviews with, debates among, and/or commentary by and about, major ideas and theories, prominent intellectuals and activists, scientists, artists, authors, and people who are not (yet) famous. We welcome anyone who disagrees, including proponents for the Right, to engage in a thorough exploration of the issues and a real debate. Our only ground rules are that people must be civil and principled at all times, evidence must be taken seriously and responded to, and personal attacks strictly avoided. We are interested in clarity and rigor, not hot air or smoke and mirrors. If this sounds like something that you are into and what to help make happen, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are especially recruiting people for the following slots:

Artists (of any media, including music) to provide content and commentary

Writers to provide content, non-fiction and fiction, prose and poetry, on any topics. (If you're not a highly experienced writer, that's ok. We can work with you and help you hone your skills.)

Websavvy people to help with the website's various needs such as posting, infrastructure, promotion, networking, fundraising, etc.


Humorists, satirists, paraodists, actors, etc.


Alexandra Hoover, Sonia French, Lacey Palmberg, Linda Rigas, Dennis Loo

Our contributors: Donald Freed, David Benfell, Y., Kelly Watson, Walter Hsu, S. Lane, Steve Tran, Nima Shirazi, Joe Giambrone