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Belgium and ISIS's Creation

Belgium and ISIS's Creation 

By Dennis Loo (3/23/16)

Last June, 2015, Dennis Trainor, Jr. interviewed me on the rise of ISIS and the US invasion of Iraq. It makes helpful viewing now in the wake of the Brussels' terrorist attacks and the call by our government for more of the very same policies - state terror - that spawned these terrorist attacks and the birth of ISIS themselves. In other words, the US government wants to drown the raging fire by pouring more gasoline on the fire they created in the first place! See “ISIS and Empire Follies Part 2.”

From my "ISIS and Empire Follies (Part 1)" (September 11, 2014):

The reason I call Obama's plan "empire follies" is because even by the US government's own standards - i.e., the imperialist logic of defending and expanding their far-flung empire of plunder and domination - Obama's relentless air attacks plus on the ground support from allies will not and cannot work. They will kill many people, both those they are explicitly targeting in ISIS and innocents who they are inevitably going to be mostly killing, and destroy infrastructure that supports people's lives on the ground, and this will produce some losses to ISIS. But any gains in the US's air campaign against ISIS, even leaving aside the far bigger issue of tremendous increased suffering of the masses in Syria and Iraq (and who knows where else), will be far outweighed by the intense hatred against the US that the "war on terror" (including the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, the ongoing use of drones to kill thousands, torture, etc.) has generated, directly fueling the rise of even more virulent versions (if that is possible) of religious fundamentalism than ISIS.

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Donald Trump and the Historic American Social Compact

Donald Trump and the Historic American Social Compact

By Dennis Loo (3/15/16)

Donald Trump’s surprising rise and popularity and the equally surprising durability of Bernie Sanders, an openly “socialist” candidate for a major party nomination, are both opposite responses to the collapsing historic American social compact.

It is also an indication that the forces that the GOP has so happily been courting for so long – those who tend to live in trailer parks with no more than a high school education and who love their Jesus – have found their voice, unadorned by any subtleties or coded language, just straight-up belligerence and open bigotry in Donald Trump whose rise to prominence has been wholly due to his venting the politics of resentment without apology. The chickens are coming home to roost. And if they drop a lot of chicken poop when they appear, then you shouldn't be surprised, 

For a time, those who were so enthused by Obama’s election publicly asked: Is racism over? But even with a half-black POTUS, and with more black faces in charge of major institutions such as the Attorney General’s Office, racism is getting worse, with more blacks dying at cops’ hands than they were being lynched during the height of the KKK’s reign of terror. It is very popular now to be openly racist and sexist in many quarters.

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The Paradox of Individualism Part 2

The Paradox of Individualism Part 2 

By Dennis Loo (2/23/16)

Back on May 28, 2014 I published an article here entitled "The Paradox of Individualism." I am going to spell this particular paradox out more explicitly than I do in the article so that the discussion and thinking about this can go on on a higher level:

If a person says, on the one hand, that we are free as individuals to do as we please and that the character of systems are a product exclusively or mainly of individual decisions rather than mainly due to system logic, and then says, on the other hand, that there is this immutable thing called "human nature" and that nature is to be selfish, then the logical results of this line of reasoning are two-fold:

1) things will supposedly never change and systems that changed over the course of human history (hunting and gathering societies, domestication of animals and planting of crops, slavery, feudalism, capitalism, socialism) weren't really a change and are all essentially the same (e.g., women are still men's property as men can do with them whatever they want with no repercussions and blacks are still enslaved and lots of people have no rights) because "human nature" is unchanging and the notion of any progress is an illusion; BUT

2) individuals all have free will so they are "free" to express themselves any way they want - as long as what they want to be is selfish

This last point reminds me of Henry Ford's famous statement about the Model T: "They can have any color they want as long as it's black."

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