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On Elections in an Empire

On Elections in an Empire

By Dennis Loo (11/26/15)

Everyone in the world knows, including in this country, that the US is the sole superpower.

What everyone does not know, most especially those in this country, is what exactly being a superpower entails.

The simplest way to put this - and the way that members of the pundit class have increasingly openly admitted in the last fifteen years or so - is that the US in an Empire.

This is explicitly admitted to and gladly embraced by both right wing and some of the liberal wing of the intelligentsia: people who appear in syndicated columns in places like the Washington Post, on MSNBC and Fox, and in books and magazines. 

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If It Were Truly Human Nature...

If It Were Truly Human Nature...

By Dennis Loo (10/20/15)

One comment that regularly comes up from at least some students during my sociology classes at some point is some variant on this statement: "It's human nature and that’s why we have social problems. People are naturally selfish, greedy and violent." This is something that you can hear someone in the street or other setting state very readily and with great assurance in their voices that what they're saying is as true as the sky is blue.

The follow-up statement to this is usually: "So any plans to change anything are bound to fail because of human nature."[1]

This is so common an idea and taken for granted as so well understood and true that nobody has to bother to try to justify it. Some teachers in fact can be heard in some classes engaging in what appears to be a routinized call and response with their students of: “And why can’t this problem be fixed class?” Chorus: “Because of human nature!” “That’s right,” the professor declares with great satisfaction.

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Obama Administration is Pressuring US Intel to Downplay ISIS's Strength?

By Dennis Loo (9/11/15)

In what has to be a completely unprecedented turn of events, Congressional Republicans are complaining that intelligence assessments of Islamic State's strength are being downplayed by the Obama Administration.

And intelligence analysts are feeling pressure to toe the official administration line that Islamic State is being degraded.

Someone needs to be fired, declares the press, citing an unnamed CIA Director under Obama. 

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Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12