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UC Berkeley Honors Terrorist John Yoo

UC Berkeley honors terrorist

From Fire John Yoo! (

July 5, 2014 2:09 PM | Permalink | TrackBacks (0)
The selection of John Yoo to fill an endowed faculty chair at Boalt Hall has raised righteous indignation across the board, from academics to un-credentialed people of conscience. The appointment represents a huge leap in institutional complicity in war crimes. Where neglect in enforcement of ethical conduct was excused by platitudes of powerlessness from the former dean, the current administration (new Dean, new Chancellor) appears to embrace the politics of exceptionalism: that international law may be selectively employed. Indeed, promotion of John Yoo's hyperbole has helped to normalize illegal government policy on what might be better labelled a "war of terror."
"..knowingly targeting civilians because they happen to be in the vicinity of an often unidentified suspect presumed to commit some future harm comes dangerously close to the strategy employed by al-Qaeda." -- John Glaser
By Dennis Loo (7/5/14)
For those who have any familiarity with John Yoo's legal memos, frequent OpEds at major newspapers such as the NYT, and public comments, it must come as a shock that this exceedingly shoddy legal mind and what is even more important, open advocate of torture, a war crime of the first order, should be not only not prosecuted or at the very least, fired as a law professor (since law professors are mentors to other incipient lawyers), but that he should be promoted and honored. The endowed faculty chair that he has been given is Boalt Hall's oldest chair.

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Iraq: the Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

Iraq: the Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

By Dennis Loo (6/28/14)

Dennis Trainor, Jr. of Acronym TV, interviewed me recently about the situation in Iraq. See this link that posted today:

Iraq: “Diplomatic Solutions” and Brute Violence

Iraq: “Diplomatic Solutions” and Brute Violence

By Dennis Loo (6/16/14)

In today’s NYT, the lead story on Iraq begins this way:

As President Obama weighs airstrikes against marauding militants in Iraq, he has concluded that any American military action must be conditioned on a political plan to try to heal Iraq’s sectarian rifts, a senior administration official said on Sunday.

While Mr. Obama has ordered unmanned surveillance flights over Iraq to gather intelligence for possible strikes on militant positions, the official said, the White House’s emphasis, when Mr. Obama returns to Washington on Monday from a weekend in Southern California, will be on prodding Iraq’s leaders to form a new national unity government.

The United States, this official said, has asked Iraq’s prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, a Shiite, to work with the Kurds, to seek to persuade the disaffected Sunni minority that the next government will be an “ally not an adversary” and to overhaul Iraq’s routed army. All three groups must be adequately represented in Baghdad, he said.

Obama, in other words, is trying to persuade the people who he is planning to bomb, the Sunni jihadists of ISIL, that they should accept the status of “ally not … adversary” and not violently seek to overthrow the al-Maliki Shiite government …  by bombing them if they do not operate non-violently.

How do you get someone - in this case the Sunnis - to cooperate rather than fight when they have been systematically persecuted by the Shiite  al-Maliki regime? How do you expect the Sunnis to agree to participate in a "national unity government" if they are being bombed by those who they are supposed to come together in unity with? 

I am sure that after Obama’s prior spectacularly unsuccessful efforts at getting al-Maliki to embrace, rather than exclude Sunnis, the caliphate dreams driven ISIL (aka ISIS) will have faith that Obama can do what he has previously been unable to do.  

The US government is caught between Iraq and a hard place. The sectarian violence that has escalated dramatically, with the ISIL taking Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, and now setting its sights on Baghdad, was both provoked and spectacularly intensified by the US invasion and occupation.

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