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Police Murders, People Rising Up: Now Who’s Afraid of Whom?

Police Murders, People Rising Up: Now Who’s Afraid of Whom?

By Dennis Loo (8/21/14)

Contrary to much of the media coverage of Ferguson, the issue here isn't whether the protests are "peaceful" or not. The issue is whether or not the police will be allowed to continue to get away with cold bloodedly executing black people (and others). That is the question.  

Officer Darren Wilson before he gunned down Michael Brown in cold blood: “I’m going to shoot you!”

"You're not going to talk to me that way!" -- Michael Dunn, before he fired ten shots at five black teens, killing Jordan Davis, while Davis and his friends sat in their car at a gas station.

“These assholes. They always get away.” – George Zimmerman, before executing Trayvon Martin

These are the words of arrogant racists who think – no, know – that the whole edifice of racism backs them up. These are the words of racist pigs who know that they can get away with murdering those treated as no better than dirt by the police and by the justice system.

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If the police murder of Michael Brown, and now the second assassination of his character in the media, is just too much for you to take…

If the illegitimate police state response to the protests infuriates and alarms you and you don’t want to just accept this as “the way it is”…

If you are inspired that those who have been demonized and despised for years have now stood up and begun to raise their sights, and along with many, many people from all walks of life, have courageously stood their ground…

If you want a world without the endless chain of murders of Black and Brown youth by a system which has no place, no future for them…

If you want to see the cop who killed Michael Brown charged NOW…

Then come to Ferguson this weekend.

Be there to witness!

Be there to protest!

Be there to stand in solidarity with those who have stood up!


Kajieme Powell: Another Police Execution

Kajieme Powell: Another Police Execution

By Dennis Loo (8/21/14)

On Tuesday in Ferguson, MO, about four miles from where Michael Brown was executed by St. Louis' finest, another black man, Kajieme Powell, was similarly gunned down and killed by police fire.

In response to the attention and furor the Brown killing has sparked, police released a cell phone video of the Powell murder on Wednesday, in the name of "transparency."

The problem for the police is that even their own released cell phone video contradicts their official story of their "justifiable homicide." 

Instead of Powell supposedly moving towards the cops and "three to four feet away" with a knife raised "overhand" threatening the cops, thus justifying lethal force in self-defense, Powell was brandishing no knife, was further away than the "three or four feet," and had his hands at his sides. He was not, as anyone can see from the video(s), threatening to harm the police. Instead, he responded when the officers came out of their squad car with their guns already in hand with "Shoot me already."

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