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What Sociopaths Can Teach Us

What Sociopaths Can Teach Us

By Dennis Loo (5/14/18)

When a sociopath succeeds “in passing,” that is, is not seen as what they truly are – self-centered and not caring about you at all – they successfully pass as not a sociopath, that is, like most of us – caring about others. Sociopaths do this instead of its opposite for a reason: the majority of us care about others. What happens to you on an everyday level if you don’t use “please” and “thank you” in whatever language you say it in? You are isolated.

There are those, however, who preach that the sociopathic way is the human way, that we are in our essence, selfish and greedy. Who has not heard that said? Indeed, if you ask most people they will happily repeat what is now so widespread it counts as a truism: that most people are really at bottom selfish.

Much our economics are based on precisely that notion, called “homo economicus.” And in politics it’s widely accepted as true and valid. (Of course, if we were truly mainly selfish, and most of us were just as narcissistic as Donald Trump, then we couldn’t be a society in the first place. No sociopaths would succeed “in passing” and Trump’s spectacular indifference to others’ condition would not raise anyone’s eyebrows, let alone the majority of people who now find his act offensive on the most basic level.

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On Reading GDS

On Reading GDS

By Dennis Loo (5/8/18)

A reader of Globalization and the Demolition of Society tells me that he agrees with all he has read (he has nearly finished the book by now) but “it seems awfully pessimistic.” I said to him that I wasn’t pessimistic and although it’s very late for planet earth, I think a revolution is still quite possible. In a subsequent talk with him, asking him why he said that, he told me that I am assuming new leaders will come forward, and he just doesn’t believe that will happen. His wife disagrees with him about that, citing instances from the Sixties such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., coming forward in conjunction with those movements.

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Trump and Pence's Prospects

Trump and Pence’s Prospects

This is part 3 of “Media’s Role and Trump/Pence’s Prospects”

By Dennis Loo (4/1/18)

Here I am going to elaborate on the opportunity that this ruling class fight over Trump’s presidency presents. If they – the RCP - were to recognize what a tremendous opportunity this is, and not miss out on this through a stereotyped response, then they could go very far with this. Instead of characterizing Trump as a “juggernaut” which they are doing, and as a result the RCP siding with bourgeois anti-fascist forces, the RCP were to see that Trump is actually tarnishing the bourgeoisie’s image through his overt extremism, and thus alienating most Americans and helping by so doing to discredit the bourgeoisie as a whole and the system that produces a Donald J. Trump, the RCP could turn this into a constitutional crisis and then perhaps wrest something more out of this. The RCP seems right now driven more by righteous outrage rather than taking a scientific attitude.

When there is a scandal, other forces that are normally suppressed and impotent, have a chance to emerge and exert influence far beyond their numbers. Such a situation now exists potentially.

The fight we want is not an anti-fascist fight per se, although that is an element in this situation, but it is not the situation’s essence. If you look at the US presidents from Reagan to the present, what stands out is that regardless of which party holds the White House – and Congress for that matter – is that the most recent president and the corresponding Congress and Supreme Court are overall worse than the last. The progression from what Reagan did, to today, is that the most recent administration is much more right-wing and dictatorial than those who came before him. Obama, for example, was worse than George W. Bush and considerably worse than Reagan and his Vice President, ex-CIA director George H.W. Bush, George W.’s dad who was a one-term president.

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