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Sailing into Uncharted Waters

Sailing Into Uncharted Waters

By Dennis Loo (3/10/17)

Think outside of the parameters you are accustomed to thinking and consider seriously what you would normally think impossible or highly improbable. That is the only way you’re going to grasp what is really going on.”

--From “The Difference Between the Way Things Are and Where the Public Is At”

Very few individuals, for example, gave Trump a chance to win the Republican nomination, let alone winning the election. Even Trump himself. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

Some thought or engaged in wishful thinking that Trump would not adopt the radical right wing/fascist policies that he's known for already. Almost no one would've anticipated the high degree of paranoid – crazy – unhinged Trump tweets. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

One of the indicators of global warming is freakish weather events and we have an abundance of those occurring, with more to come and increasing frequency. Too little here, often too much elsewhere. The problem of refugees fleeing political and/or climate change problems is already a major political issue worldwide and will become an ever-growing problem. Rising waters is going to force people from their homes in scores of countries and island nations in the millions – or tens of millions. Facilities that are built near the ocean such as in the Northeast with military bases cannot withstand rising waters and the cost of relocating those resources is practically prohibitive.

We are, in other words, sailing into uncharted waters and facing storms the magnitude and variety of which humankind has never experienced.

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The Part of Trump’s Tweets That Is True

The Part of Trump’s Tweets That Is True

By Dennis Loo (3/9/17)

We all have heard by now Trump’s outlandish accusation that Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped during the election. There is, however, a grain of truth in these tweets, although Trump is probably unaware of what is true in his claims.

The NSA has been monitoring and recording millions (now billions and billions) of electronic communications, both foreign and domestic, since at least February 2001: in other words, shortly after Bush and Cheney took the White House illegitimately, well before the events of 9/11.

When they were caught red-handed doing this, Bush and Cheney and their surrogates such as AG Alberto Gonzalez (remember him?) said at the time that they were “merely” monitoring the calls where one end at least was a known suspect. By that public criterion, the Russian Ambassador certainly was a suspect.

Obama did not order a specific wiretap on Trump Tower; he did not have to. Democrats’ claims that he must go to a FISA court before the president places a wiretap on American citizens has been passé since the Congress retroactively approved of Bush and Cheney's wiretaps in the Telecom Bill of 2008.

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Trump to Get Crazier and Crazier

Trump to Get Crazier and Crazier

By Dennis Loo (3/7/17)

As I wrote recently,

Objective reality has this funny thing about it: it doesn’t go away. Global warming, for example, does not stop because you deny it. The same is true of evolution: it still goes on (e.g., the flu) whether you are recognize it or not. Competence is based on taking objective reality into account. You cannot be competent if you consistently base yourself on lies. You can fool some people all of the time but not all the people all of the time. The clash between Trump and the truth is only in its early stages. Who do you think is going to win out in the end, Trump or objective reality?

Russia is the primary proximate reality that the Trump team keeps lying about and changing their stories about. There are a host of other issues that they aren't based in objective reality either, but the Russian issue is the most obvious.

Despite his efforts in the past and in the future regarding it, he will get crazier and crazier regarding this. It will be fun to see, sort of like the perverse pleasure one might get seeing an accident as it is happening, even though people are being hurt and one feels bad about that part of it. Nonetheless, no one can deserve it more than this gang of scumbags!

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